If you are someone who has promised themselves to save money this year around so that you don’t have to worry when extra expenses start hitting you and you are worried about how to travel and explore the world around you while being on a budget we have some ideas as to how you can save and travel at the same time.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean that you stay at home at all times and not do anything fun. If you ask us we’ll tell you how you can visit Philadelphia while you are on a budget and save even when you are traveling and exploring a new city.

Philadelphia is the place to be during the winters and when the weather is pleasant as it has a long list of options to visit and have fun at. You can indulge yourself in several winter activities and visit all the famous spots of Philadelphia without it being heavy on your pocket.

Try all cuisine:

You can never go wrong with the food. Street food is the best way to sample what the city has to offer so why not start with it? Many streets of Philadelphia are lined with various food vendors which sell cheap food with the most exquisite taste. Not only that, several restaurants in the city have alternate low costing menu which has a large variety to choose from so that you are not missing out on anything. On the other hand, some eateries have small portion multiple course menus so that you can have a little taste of everything and have space for more that is to come.

Museums and historical sites:

All museums and historical sites are free for the public in Philadelphia since the city is proud of its significant role in the freedom of America. Some of the museums that do charge for a ticket have the most minimal fee that won’t be a hassle for you to manage at all. Some of the free of cost sites that you can visit are Independence hall which means you can also check out the Liberty bell along with that you can visit the Science History Institute if you are a history junkie and the Edgar Allan Poe National Historical Site if you are inspired by his or want to know more about him.

Diversity activities:

Since Philadelphia is a big city it has many diverse communities as well who tend to hold their cultural events and keep them open for the public so that they can spread awareness and educate others about their culture to the max. If you are interested in learning about other cultures then you can check out the African Drumming event along with various free documentaries which are shown around the city about black history, and the ballerina Misty Copeland. You can also visit Franklin institute if you want to learn and explore more and Mummers Museum is also a great option.

The Streets:

Philadelphia streets have a lot to offer to those who are looking for fun, even in winters you are sure to find various activities that you can do rather than being cooped up inside a room or a museum. If you want to experience the winters then we suggest that you hit the skating rings. The skating rings are open to all and provide the rental skates and the admission for under $15. The best part about the skating ring is the cabins near them which offers the freezing skaters a refuge from the cold by offering hot chocolate and coffees to keep you warm and give you a boost of energy to continue skating. If skating is not your cup of tea then you can roam around the streets and take a look at the art pieces done by the public and take pictures on your way. You can even buy some cheap pieces done by a local if you like and support a budding artist.

Don’t miss the theater:

Another thing to check out while traveling on a budget is the theater. You can visit many performances that are being organized by the students which are relatively cheap but are equally phenomenal where the students are sure to appreciate your audience. Similarly, during the Philly Theater week, many shows around the city are made free to the public while others are showcasing at a very cheap cost so that the theaters can attract as many visitors as possible to keep the tradition and culture of theater alive. You can also check out live music played and composed by various budding artists who perfume out on the street or can be found in various music institutes around the city who will be happy to hear your two cents about the performance.

Hailing cabs and taxis are costly since some of the vendors and service providers tend to charge you higher rates which become a burden on your pocket especially if you are in Philadelphia to exploring the city and want a trip that is entertaining and pocket friendly so that you don’t have to fear about spending too much. A better option than cabs and taxis is to rent a car or a limo and who other than Philly Car and Limo to reach out to.

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Happy traveling!

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