Restaurants to try in Philadelphia.

Food is one thing we all cannot imagine going on without. Despite the fact of how much times have changed, we still like to get food delivered or visit the restaurants which are practising proper social distancing rules and have arrangement accordingly.

Similarly, some restaurants in Philadelphia have continued serving during these testing times and deserve all the support. Philly Car and Limo Services will be glad to provide car services to these locations if you are looking for a safe spot to eat out.

Hungry Pigeon:

Serving American Cuisine, Hungry Pigeon is one of the most visited restaurants of Philadelphia due to the comforting ambience and a large variety of dishes they offer. It even has a full bar and operates at all hours of the day.


If you are in the mood of trying French cuisine, then Forsythia is one of the restaurants that you need to check out. The menu comprises of all French dishes that you can think of including Foie Gras. All the dishes are cooked to perfection with perfect French technique so that you get the authentic flavours.


For some of the most delicious and authentic Thai food, you need to visit Kalaya, which has a menu that comprises of Thai dishes of all sorts which are cooked in the traditional way using organic produces. It is a small cosy dining room looking restaurant with homey feels.


For people with a Vegan diet, look no further. Vedge is the best vegan restaurant with the main focus on vegetables which are cooked perfectly and served in such artsy manner that makes the plate Instagram worthy. Another reason that they stand out is their collection of natural wines. Make sure you reserve your table before visiting since it is often fully booked.

Kanella Grill:

Kanella Grill is a place to get your Arabic cravings satisfied. From having falafel to grilled Halloumi, they have it all on their menu. Moreover, if you are trying it for the very first time, you can order their famous platter, which gives you a taste of everything along with the people favourite Mint Iced Tea.

K’Far Cafe:

Sometimes you are not in the mood for a complete meal, and that is why you head to a bakery which is bound to have a filling snack. K’Far Café is one of such bakeries which is stocked with fresh bagels but also fancy Labneh toast with smoked trout. The ambience at night is perfect for a date night with candles and dim lights.

All the restaurants that we have included in our list are Philadelphia’s best! They put special touches to the dishes they serve and use the authentic techniques to maintain the original flavours. They deserve to be visited at least once, and Philly Car and Limo can do the job of providing you with car service.

If after a long flight you need a hearty meal then Philly Car and Limo service can provide you with direct airport transportation to one of the mentioned locations or any other favourite of yours.

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