Bachelorette party is a once in a lifetime kind of event, which is why it needs to be planned perfectly. If you are a bride’s maid who is on duty to arrange the Bachelorette party, then it is essential that you throw a party which everyone will remember all their lives. To throw a party which is remembered by all, the party needs to go on and on late into the night, and what better way to keep the party going than getting a party bus rental or a limo near you.

By hiring a party bus rental or a limo, you are setting yourself and your girls up for a night of fun and games, which is why it is a must to have various stops and games on the go, along with food and snacks. If you still wonder how a party bus and a limo can facilitate you, we have some reasons and ideas that can convince you.

Fewer expenses:

By renting a party bus or a limo, you will be cutting down on not just yours but everyone’s expenses since not everyone will have to take their cars and drive to the destinations you have planned. Still, rather you all will be in a single-vehicle which will keep you safe and leave you free to drink as much as your heart desires since with a rental, you will be getting a chauffeur who will take care of all the driving needs. If you are a big group, then a party bus will be a perfect choice, but if your group is small and intimate, we suggest you go for a limo since it will come with the same services in a lower price range.

Activities ideas:

Since a Bachelorette party is all about having fun, you need to include some activities you and your friends group will love, especially the bride. It can be something that reminds you of your childhood or even something you have done in the past and have unforgettable memories associated with it. The activities can be anything from a spa day to a concert night or even simple sporting events because we don’t want any accidents happening. If you can’t make up your mind on what to do, then we have some suggestions; you can go for mini-golfing, a complete spa day to relax before the big day, visit an amusement park and relive your childhood, or have a city tour and stop wherever your heart desires.

Bar hopping:

What’s a party without alcohol? A Bachelorette party means having access to alcohol so that you can let loose and do stupid stuff without a care in the world which is where the bar-hopping comes in. It is necessary that your itinerary includes some of the best bars of Philadelphia so that you can party with all the freedom that you desire while visiting the city’s hottest bars. Some of the bars you can check out are: Hop Sing Laundromat, Barcade, Philadelphia Distilling, North Bowl, Howl at the Moon, Field House are among some of the most sought out bars and are always filled with the best crowds you can imagine.

Games, maybe?

If you want your Bachelorette Party to be a non-stop party, you need to plan some games you can play during the time you are in your party bus or the limo. A game is sure to keep the spirits up and keep the group going with the festivities and laughs. Since you are the one who is arranging the party you are free to make up your own games, they can even be drinking games, or put a twist to the traditional games which you and your friends’ group love and enjoy. Some of the games that can be perfect are Karaoke which is an ideal game that leads to lots of laughter and is perfect to be played on the party bus’s dance floor or the limo sound system; you can also design a scavenger hunt including the bars that you go to or just around your city at the places where you all have mutual memories, other games can include retelling your favorite memories with the bride to make it sweet and loving, or just a simple never have I ever to get all the dirty secret out on the last night of freedom.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to the party bus and limo services near you and check out which best fits your budget and is offering all that you need in the best price range. Many companies offer discounts and packages for Bachelorette Parties, so keep a lookout and go with the company you feel comfortable with.

Now, if you are wondering, ‘which company in Philadelphia provides the best limo services near me? Or where can you get the perfect party bus rental? Then you don’t have to look any further since we have the ideal suggestion for you.

Philly Car and Limo in Philadelphia provides its clients with top-notch limo services, which have them coming to them again and again. Philly Car and Limo have an extensive variety of party buses and limos to choose from, varying according to the number of guests or the services you require. They aim to provide you all the services you demand of them to be fully catered in terms of all the party fun you need.

Party buses and limos are equipped with the latest gadgets and sound system along with free Wi-Fi and an open bar for all your friends so that you have everything that you desire. You don’t end up running out of anything during your night of party and are able to have such a great time that you remember it for all your life.

Both the party buses and the limos are sanitized and cleaned up thoroughly after every ride so that the next client can be assured of cleanliness and feel safe while traveling with Philly Car and Limo.

So get yourself a party bus or a limo and get this party started!

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