Limo safety for children

All of us love to travel. Most of the time we need to take kids out too along with us. If you have your private car then it’s a wonderful option but if you do not have one then you would have to hire a limo for that purpose. So when you are looking for a car service for you and your family members it is very critical to know that the company you are hiring has taken every precaution for ensuring your safety. If you have children with you then safety becomes even more important. Small children in the limo or any other car service require special safety. For example, if you belong somewhere in Philadelphia, then you should hire Limo in Philly, which is one of the most used and trusted car services over there. The mission of the Philadelphia stretch limo is to provide you with the best services and traveling experience. They provide the best services for every occasion whether it’s formal or informal.

Where should the child sit in the car?

There are some legal orders regarding this question which is very frequently asked by people. So kids who are under six months of age should not sit in the vehicle’s front seat or front row. In addition to this, the kids that are six months and up to four years should also not sit in the vehicle’s front row. If your vehicle has only one row of seats then the child can sit there but you need to have a proper child car seat. The same is the case for children who are less than 7 years of age. If the kid is older than 7 years then he or she might sit in the front row but they need to use an appropriate seat belt. The back row of seats in your car is the safest place for your kid. Whenever you are traveling, make sure that you seat the child in the back row. In case if you have no option except to sit your child in the front seat then try to adjust the seat as far back as possible, this will protect your child from any kind of injury, especially during an accident. Sitting in the front seat makes you more exposed to injuries in case of an accident, that is the reason that many car services recommend backseat for kids. This is how your child can have a wonderful riding experience, safely.

Car seats for kids in the limo

A car seat is recommended for children by federal and state laws, but it is not often present in many vehicles. Having a car seat plays the role of a seatbelt in vehicles, both of them ensure passenger safety. A car seat is a separate seat installed in the vehicle for babies and young kids. This is not mandatory by law but it plays a major role in increasing safety especially in case of a road accident. Some car companies provide their car seat for children in the limo, and in many cases, the passengers are also allowed to bring along their seats. The most important thing you should consider while having a car seat is the size. Whether it’s inside or outside the car, make sure that the car seat is the perfect fit for your child. It can be a matter of life and death. In addition to this, always keep in mind that the back seat is always the safest place for your baby even in the best car services like the Philadelphia stretch limo.

Important things to remember:

There are a few things which you must keep in mind while traveling with kids. Always make sure that your kid keeps his arms and legs inside the car when it’s moving on the road or is parked somewhere. If the car has childproof door locks then don’t forget to activate them, so that your child can’t get out of the car. These kinds of locks are generally present inside car doors. If you are traveling and have an empty child car seat then make sure that it is properly fitted or installed. Proper installation can prevent it from flying about and will not cause an injury to someone especially in case of a sudden accident. Avoid traveling with pets, but in case you need to take pets with you then you should get a pet harness that you can secure with a good seatbelt. This safety measure not only protects your pet but also the passengers traveling in the car. Whenever you try to open the car door make sure to open the door which is away from the traffic side. This will help you to keep your child away from road accidents, which are very common nowadays

Keeping your kid happy

Driving a car with bored and unhappy children might be a hard task and it would be difficult for you to concentrate. In this case, play your child’s favorite music in the car which he would enjoy. Provide your child some safe distractions like, books, puzzles, or audio-books. You can also give him snacks but make sure that he will not spill juice on the seat or throw snacks inside the car. This may irritate you and other members. Talk to your child while traveling and get him involved in a healthy discussion. If your child keeps a good behavior while traveling like he uses a seat belt and does not touch car locks then praise him for his good behavior

Protection during COVID-19

During the times of COVID-19, it is very important to keep families safe, especially kids. For this, you must use a mask and sanitizer. The Covid-19 mainly spreads due to droplets that we cough, sneeze or that come out during breathing. That is why masks act as a preventive barrier hence lowering the chances of infection. The organizations like CDC and WHO recommend that the driver should also wear a mask while driving and avoid handshakes with passengers. The surfaces inside and outside the car must be clean and sanitized, this would prevent the spread of germs. All these preventive measures are important for the long and healthy life of you and your loved ones.

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