With the climate changing all around the world, one never knows where the wind has blown now. With the climate changes come the changes in the weather as well which deeply impacts the times one should deem it ideal to visit as a pleasure.

Philadelphia is a major city of the United States of America and has much to offer due to which people are compelled to visit it at some point in life, either for pleasure or for business. It has a long list of hot spots to visit which are included in many ‘must visit’ lists found on the internet by various bloggers or tourist agencies. The city has some of the coolest Instagram-ish points along with restaurants and diners with long lines of people waiting to taste the specialties.

All this can be enjoyed in the right way if the weather is pleasant and one can enjoy the day out. If you are planning to travel to Philadelphia anytime soon then you should know what kind of weather you’ll be getting so that you plan and pack accordingly before you are on your way to Philly.

General Temperature:

Philadelphia has weather that is pretty much well-divided throughout the year. You have months when you can easily enjoy the summer sun and months when you can chill in the winter winds while other months you can relax under the clouds. The summers are known to be the best time in Philadelphia as it offers a number of summer activities as well as water activities which are perfect when the sun is out.

The warm and relatively hot season lasts longer as it takes almost around 4 months for the summer to go away and the cold takes its place. The summer winds usually pick up from late May and stay around till the middle of September with the average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius as the highest. The maximum temperature is often recorded once in July which is mostly, according to research data, the 21st of July where the temperatures can touch up to 30 degrees Celsius.

The hottest temperatures are usually recorded during July and that is when many people tend to head to the nearest water bodies to take dips and cool down. The water activities offered around the cities come up with packages that are economical and are perfect for groups of friends and family.

It started to get cold as soon as the year starts to end that is near the middle of November, you can feel the cold winds blowing especially as soon as the sun sets down. The temperature may drop down to almost 7 degrees Celsius at night and days to get relatively cooler.

About the cloud cover:

With mostly clear skies with extremely less cloud cover, Philadelphia gets direct access to sunlight and clear blue skies. The clear skies time hits its peak during the summer months that is mostly you will find a clear cloud-free sky from the end of June which will last for the next few months during which you can lay under the clear night sky and enjoy the stars. You will find some of the clearest skies of Philadelphia has some of the clearest days during September when the clearest day of the year is usually recorded towards the end of the said month and continues till the very start of the winters.

The clouds take over the skies during the middle of November along with cold winds and the cloud cover lasts the longest that is for almost 8 months Philadelphia has skies that are fully covered or have scattered clouds in view. It lasts well into June, extending until the end of June often. January is the month that has the most cloud cover recorded having some of the cloudiest days during the first week of January.

Rain Forecast:

If you are someone who loves rain then Philadelphia is a must-visit the city as it rains throughout the year with variations. You get rain in both summers as well as winter but the peak rainy days are centered around summers. To beat the heat, the people of Philly look forward to rain as it makes the city weather pleasant and gives them a chance to cool down. July is the month when most rain is expected and we see most rain during late July when summer is at its peak making it ideal for rain.

Philadelphia offers its residents as well as the tourist a full exposure to every possible weather they are looking for. You can pick the month that suits you the best to guess what kind of weather you’ll be getting also if you are looking for traveling to Philly then you better pick the month which has your favorite weather so that you can make the max out of your trip and take advantage of every possible activity you may have in mind.

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