With special events coming up, one is always on the lookout for the right form of transport which will be able to transport everyone that you have in mind and when it comes to an event that means that the guest list is extensive and you need a bigger form of transport and that is where a Limo and a party bus comes in.

Now the question is what is the difference between a limo and a party bus? While both are bigger than a normal car and may seem a little too similar they both have their own sets of qualities that differentiate them both from each other. Moreover, they come in various sizes which you can easily select depending on the size of the group or the guest that you are planning to travel with.


Party Bus and a Limo have an extremely different vibe when it comes to that. While a party bus is perfect for a laid-back event where all you are looking for is having fun, drinking, and letting loose Limo has an opposite vibe to it. A limo can be used for party purposes as many people do rent a limo for their proms but normally it has more of a formal vibe and is commonly rented and hired by people who are getting married or traveling for business as it goes perfect for more of a formal vibe than an informal one.


The atmosphere and the interior of a party bus is design to have fun which means that a party bus is spacious enough to have a mini dance floor so that people can get up and dance if they want to, also the seats are spacious with laser lights, latest music system with enough base to pump up the party along with a mini TV screen and alcohol on request if you want to. While a limo may have everything that a party bus offers but a limo has more luxurious seating which is super comfortable. Also, a limo does not have a dance floor but rather more leg space for sitting and a comparatively calmer and intimate interior with dim lights tinted windows, and not so loud music.


It is important to know about the number of guests a party bus and a limo can accommodate since we don’t want transport which by the end of the day can end up being crowded with not enough space for everyone. If you have a smaller group of people who have 8-10 people in attendance then only can a limo be the perfect option for you but if you have a group which is bigger than that then we suggest you opt for a party bus since a party bus is designated to accommodate 20+ people.

Time duration:

Another difference that is of significance is the time period that you are going to be needing the transport for. If you are planning a party which goes on and on through the night then we suggest that a party bus would be a perfect option for you since you can have it at your disposal at all times and the party won’t have to stop even when you are hopping from one place to another but when you go for a limo you sometimes have time restraints which you have to be careful about and that is why you cannot have a limo at your disposal all night which can be a Debby downer for your party if it intends to go on for all night or for a longer period of time.


Since renting a transport means you are choosing it for the facilities and added services it offers which is why you need to be careful of what you choose and everything it offers. A party bus and a limo may not have many differences in terms of facilities but sometimes it’s the details that matter which is why you need to double-check that you are getting everything that you are paying for and if you require any added facilities which require extra charges that you need to be careful about and add to your budget.

If you are now wondering about where you can get a party bus and a limo rental in Philadelphia so that you can check them out in person then we suggest you reach out to Philly Car and Limo.

Philly Car and Limo is the best limo rental in Philadelphia and a place where you can get a party bus for hire and even have a limo rental available to you whenever you want. They have a wide range of party buses and limos you can choose from depending on the vibe of the event and the number of people in the group.

Their party buses and limos are well-equipped with the latest facilities and are available with added amenities if you ask for them. The price packages are economical and pocket friendly which is why no matter which transport you pick you won’t be making it a burden on your pocket.

You also get trained and professional chauffeurs when you rent a limo or choose a party bus for hire who knows his way all around Philadelphia and can take you anywhere your heart desires as long as you have informed him and the company where you want to go and at what time. Both Limos and Party buses are kept clean and sanitized after every use to ensure that whenever you are traveling in one of the transports of your choice your health and safety is not at risk and no harm comes to you.

Choosing Philly Car and Limo can never be a wrong decision because they aim to provide top-notch Philadelphia limo service as well as party bus services to their clients so that they choose Philly Car and Limo again and again.

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