COVID-19 safety measures for car and limo services

The coronavirus’s first case occurred in Wuhan, China, and then it spread worldwide. This deadly pandemic killed almost 1.65 million people and had a destructive impact on the industry and businesses. People were restricted to their homes, schools and businesses were closed, and the economy’s progress became very slow. All the businesses and industries such as air transportation had faced a huge loss. Hence the coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant economic shock.

There is a need to protect yourself during this hard time. In schools, at businesses, and other community organizations, you must consider the ways that will help you to protect yourself and your family and slow down the spread of the virus during transportation. The individuals who are ill or are more exposed to catching the virus should think twice before going out. If they go outside then they should make sure that they have applied all the protection. To slow down the spread of the pandemic, CDC recommends us to avoid all those activities in which we cannot apply the protective measures, e.g. going to gatherings and parties.

If you have private transport then it’s good but if you don’t have one then you have to hire public transport, a car service or limo service. For example, a black car service, where the drivers use their vehicles to drive independently on behalf of black car service, which is very much like a traditional taxi service. These will take you to different destinations such as an airport. During this deadly pandemic, these car or transportation services must maintain proper hygiene and take care of all the safety measures given by CDC and WHO during transportation. Some safety measures that car services should adopt are:

The chauffeur should wear a mask

CDC and WHO say that wearing a face mask and gloves should be made compulsory for the driver and the passenger during traveling. The face should be covered to avoid contact with any infectious substance. The coronavirus is mainly transferred by the water droplets in our breath. It can also spread by coughing and sneezing. Wearing a face mask maintains a barrier between your mouth and surroundings so you do not inhale unfiltered air. By doing this a barrier is maintained between the passenger and the driver and the chances of catching an infection are less. The chauffeur’s mask will be changed on a daily basis and they should also wear gloves and should discard or dispose of them immediately after the ride is complete. The mask and gloves should be disposed of in proper places

Sanitizing and hygiene

The WHO strictly mentions taking proper care of hygiene. This is the only tool that can help us defeat the coronavirus. The driver should make sure to maintain a proper level of hygiene. Before joining the customer he should wash his hands properly with soap or a good hand wash. This will remove the dust and germs on the surface of the hands. If this is not possible then he should make use of a good hand sanitizer to disinfect his hands. The passenger should also be aware of his hygiene and should use hand sanitizer. If the passenger forgets to bring the hand sanitizer then the company should offer a sanitizer

Socially distanced seating:

If you are traveling in a group then you need to hire a big vehicle such as a bus. In this case, maintaining social distance is very critical, and the passengers should stay at a distance of six feet. The car transport services are responsible for maintaining a distance between the individuals traveling together, otherwise, there is a greater chance of them catching an infection. If one person is having mild symptoms then that can affect other individuals too.

Scan the temperature of driver and passenger

Before starting the journey the company must check the temperature of passengers and drivers. They should specify a few people for conducting this job regularly to maintain the safety of the driver and client. Specialized thermometers are used for this purpose. Some car services are using this safety measure and if the temperature of an individual is above 100 degrees then they would not allow him to drive or use the car service and it is a wonderful step for ensuring safety and a means of stopping the pandemic spread. In addition to this if the passenger or driver is feeling sick and suffering from cold, flu, fever, or any other illness then it is recommended that they should not travel or offer their services because it may be hazardous to someone else and the chances of contracting any sort of infection increase.

Vehicle preparation

As many people rely on public transport and many others use limo services or black car services. That is why it is necessary to disinfect every vehicle being used by more than one person, this helps to break the chain of virus transmission. These include the cars offered by different car services, buses, taxis, and even aircraft. The surfaces of vehicles are frequently touched by drivers, staff members, and passengers. The surfaces can even be contaminated when someone sneezes or coughs on them, this increases the risk of covid-19 reduce this risk the vehicles must be regularly disinfected after using once. Disinfecting wipes or a fogging machine can be used to apply a mist of disinfectant. Make sure to use a good disinfectant with the ability to kill as many germs as possible. The process of cleaning includes cleaning all the surfaces inside and outside the vehicle.

Avoid handshakes

An efficient way of transferring and spreading germs is handshaking. People touch their nose, skin, mouth, and eyes many times a day. In case if you are using a car service then make sure that you do not shake hands with the driver or any other staff member because if anyone has an infection it will be transferred to the other person within no time. As we all know that prevention is better than cure so taking effective preventive measures can save lives

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