Best Tips for Navigating the Philadelphia Airport

Traveling can be an exciting adventure for you and your family but navigating a busy airport like the Philadelphia International Airport can add a lot of stress to your travels. Fortunately, if you go in with all of the best tips you can help reduce the stress and handle your next trip like a pro. Reading on, you are going to learn all about the best tips for navigating this airport.

It All Starts with Airport Transportation

Hiring a car service or a limo service can be the best approach here. A car service to Philadelphia International Airport can take a lot of stress off of your trip, especially if you are traveling with a group or are not familiar with the area. There are designated spots where a car service to airport Philadelphia can park, giving you convenient access into the airport. This also reduces the stress of having to find someplace to park and how much the long-term parking is going to cost you. Airport transportation services is also a good idea over options like rideshares or taxis because they are more reliable and safer.

Getting Through Security

One of the things that can slow you down going through any airport is getting through security. At the Philadelphia airport, the security checkpoint is located near the departure gate. You need to be sure that you put all electronics, metal objects, and your shoes in the plastic container, which will be sent through the x-ray machine. You need to also be sure that you have your boarding pass and ID in an easy to access spot so that you can grab it quickly when you need it. Be sure that you keep any liquids in a Ziploc bag, as this will be screened separately. Game systems and tablets will also be screened separately. However, any medical devices should be inspected by hand rather than going through a machine.

After you have successfully made it out of security, you are now in the secure area of the airport. There are arrows that point to the different gates as well as monitors throughout this area that can help you as well. You can find seating in that area to relax in while you wait for your flight to take off.

Leave Early (Don’t Worry, You Can Catch Some Rest)

It’s crucial that you leave as early as possible to make sure that you make your flight. If there are any issues, getting there early will help you avoid any major issues that could cause you to be late. In fact, it can be a good idea just to make sure that you get the earliest flight possible. This airport is essentially a ghost town if you get there before 7 a.m. You will encounter minimal lines through security and even some of the best quick bites there. You will even get those premium seats near the plugs so that you charge your devices while waiting for your flight. This is also a great idea to do because if your flight is cancelled, you can book another one without it completely disrupting your day.

Think you’ll be too tired to function that early in the day? A great feature of the Philadelphia International Airport is the Minute Suites. These are little sleeping areas that you can take advantage of, which is located between the A and B terminals. These suites not only have comfortable sofas for you to take a nap on, but there are also TV and workspaces so that you can either stay productive or just peacefully relax without dealing with the stand hustle and bustle of the airport.

TSA Pre-Check

The TSA Pre-Check option is something that can easily streamline your process of going through security. This allows you to have an easier time getting through security once you’re already TSA-approved. This is something that can be a huge time saver and relieve a lot of stress associated with traveling.

Know the Luggage Rules

According to the rules at this airport, you are only able to have one luggage that is cost-free to check and a smaller carry-on piece of luggage. If you want to be sure to avoid any extra fees, it’s important to make sure the bag that you are checking is under 50 lbs. This bag should also not be any bigger than 62 inches in total. The liquid items that you have in your checked bags must be in a Ziploc bag and be no more than 3.2 oz. Checking more than 1 bag? Go to the check-in counter at the terminal of the airline you are departing from. Again, be sure that your identification and other necessary items are easily accessed to make this easier for you. When you check in at the counter, your bags will be tagged and sent where they need to go and you get your boarding pass.

Take Advantage of the Many Services

In addition to any devices like wheelchairs that you need, you can find a great deal of services at the Philadelphia International Airport. In fact, the marketplace here is award-winning for its selections and quality. You can find over 160 food, beverage, retailers, and service shops within the airport. Want to check out some art while waiting for your plane? There is also a rotating exhibit of art you can check out while you are here.

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