Best things to do in Philadelphia

Philadelphia or Philly is the largest city of Pennsylvania and the 6th most populous city. It is famous for its rich history. The city is the center of economic activity in Pennsylvania and is home to almost five Fortune 1000 companies. The city is famous for its arts, cuisine, and culture and attracts millions of tourists.  Philadelphia is also an emerging biotechnology hub. It is also home to many U.S. firsts, for example, first medical school, first stock exchange, first library, the first hospital, and first business school. Philadelphia became a part of the Organization of World Heritage Cities in the year 2015 and recognized itself as the first world heritage city in the United States. If you ever get a chance to visit this iconic city then you should do the following things.

See the liberty bell

One of the best and popular things that you must see in Philadelphia is going to see the liberty bell. You can go to this place in your car or a Philly car service or a Philadelphia stretch limo. There are no charges for entrance to the liberty bell, it’s free of cost and opens daily at 9 am. Since you don’t need a ticket, you can easily get there without waiting. But all the visitors must pass through the security screening. If you go there early then you won’t wait in the crowds to see the bell. The bell weighs 2080 pounds. It arrived in the city in 1752 at the independence hall. The crack in the bell is attributed to a test ring that was done right after it was bought into the city. The liberty bell center gives detailed video presentations that give information about the history of the bell to visitors. The center closes at 5 pm.

Visit Independence hall

Independence Hall is located at a little distance from the Liberty hall where the bell once used to be. This was the place where the declaration of independence was written and signed by John Adams, John Hancock, and Thomas Jefferson. If you want to enter the independence hall, then the entry is free but still, you will need a ticket. You can get a free ticket from the independence visitor center. The center opens at 8.30 am.  Daily. While visiting this place you will have a chance to see the Assembly Room where George Washington was appointed as the Continental army’s commander in chief. Every day limited amounts of tickets are. Limited amounts of tickets are available daily so go early to grab your ticket.

Visit the Reading terminal market

Reading terminal market is a historical market which has operated since 1892. It is located beneath the reading railroad’s 1891 train station. It’s a favorite destination for the local people for lunch, grocery shopping, or buying gifts. More than 70 businesses in the market sell fresh things like ice-cream, meat, and seafood. You can get many cuisines here like Greek, Thai, Mexican, Indian, and many more. Philadelphians line up on a daily basis just for having baked goods, doughnuts, and cookies. There is a central dining area over here and many food stalls have their seating.

Visit Philadelphia museum of art

The museum is also known as Rocky Balboa. If you visit Philadelphia in party bus rental then the must-do list should include stopping by the bronze Rocky statue, a rocky-inspired run-up steps, and then you should also visit the place inside. It consists of work done by Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Cezanne. Here you would find wonderful old and new sculptures. You will also discover the 16th-century Indian temple hall and 17th-century Chinese palace hall here. The museum has one of the finest collections of American art in the country. The paintings here are devoted to Asian works, photography, impressionism, and culture. This is a place where you can see masterpieces made by painters. Through these paintings, they address social issues.

Go to Eastern state Penitentiary

This site looks more like a castle. The Eastern state penitentiary is one of Philadelphia’s most historic sites. This prison is a Quaker-inspired prison and was built in 1829. The prison used to reform prisoners by isolating them rather than capital punishment or physical abuse. Keep in mind that the place may not be suitable for children, because it has a frightening nature and may scare your children. The visitors who came here recently explained that the building is intriguing and disturbing. For embracing terror you must visit the place in the time of Halloween, during this the prison is turned into a haunted house with six different attractions. If you bring kids here then the eastern state penitentiary also offers a family-friendly tour.

Visit Franklin institute

This destination is sure to appeal to kids of all ages. The place consists of interactive displays that will allow your child to learn about many things including physics and astronomy. When you visit here don’t forget to visit the Sports Zone. It elaborates the science behind sports like surfing and rock climbing. You can also explore space without leaving earth at the Fels Planetarium. You can also put your wits in the escape room of the museum and can also watch a movie at the IMAX theater. If you have time to explore more and if you are interested in history then you must go to the Benjamin-Franklin National Memorial that has a 30-ton statue of Franklin and also his belongings.

The magic gardens

This extraordinary masterpiece was created by mural artist Isaiah Zagar at the end of South Street in Philadelphia’s center city. This is the magic mosaic environment, a brilliant vision, and much more that can’t be described in words. The place has an outdoor art-installation crafted from hand-painted tiles. The opening hours are not fixed, they vary due to occasional public and private events. So for visiting you must keep checking the online calendar.

Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum located in the historic memorial hall in Fairmount Park. You can hire a Philadelphia stretch limo or a party bus rental for going here. It’s a favorite spot of many 7 years old kids. The museum consists of more than 25000 toys and also has a working carousel from 1908. It also includes an interactive garden and a space station for kids. You and your kids will enjoy over here so whenever you go to Philly don’t forget to visit this place.

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