7 Things to Do During a Stopover in Philadelphia Airport

If you’re traveling from any place on the East Coast, you’ll probably wind up at Philadelphia Airport at some point. Given that it is one of the country’s top busiest airports, you will almost certainly have to spend time here if your flight is delayed or if you have a stopover between different airlines. Then don’t worry, you can make your stay memorable by visiting some attractions around the airport by using the airport train Philadelphia, and if your flight is delayed for a short period, you may use a car service to Philadelphia airport for saving your time.

We’ve got some good news for you if you’re afraid about getting bored out of your mind at Philadelphia Airport!   Do not panic if your layover is prolonged due to bad weather. There are many things to do in the few hours it takes to walk continuously from one end of PHL to the other with the usage of airport shuttles in Philadelphia.

Check out a little music and dance

You read it correctly — you may sing and dance at Philadelphia International Airport! According to Enjoy PHL, the terminal’s in-house entertainment initiative, passengers aren’t stuck in the terminal for long. You may discover them in various spots across the airport and visit to have a pleasant experience by taking the airport train Philadelphia.

You’ll see this most obviously at food courts, where customers are charmed with lively music. If you come during a holiday season, such as Christmas, you will be able to participate in season-specific festivities (like an airport Santa Claus, magicians, and even a choir).

Enjoy some delicious cuisine

Don’t worry if you missed out on the renowned Philadelphia cheesesteak during your vacation to the city. The Philadelphia Airport boasts several fantastic eateries that reproduce traditional Philadelphia cuisine right in the terminal and nearby. You can simply access their cuisine shop by taking airport shuttles in Philadelphia.

When it comes to the greatest cheesesteak in Philadelphia Airport, walk over to any of the following: Chickee & Pete & Tony Luke & Geno’s in the B/C food court. You may also enjoy Italian cuisine at Aldo Lamberti Trattoria, or Asian cuisine at Sky Asian Bistro. After you’ve finished your lunch, you may simply take transportation to Philadelphia International Airport. You may also hire a car service to Philadelphia airport if you need a quick trip.

Visit Gallery of Airport Art

Art lovers may enjoy an amazing selection of selected art at the Exhibitions Program in PHL Airport, which highlights new artists from the city as well as rotating shows from famous artists. It gives tourists a taste of “traveling art” and injects culture into the airport’s surroundings. If you reside in Newark, you have the option of taking a Newark Airport to Philadelphia Airport shuttle. Digital art displays such as ‘Philadelphia’s 100+ History Makers of the 19th And 20th centuries ‘between Terminals E and F, and ‘Philly: The First World Heritage in the City ‘between Terminals A-East and B, are very popular at the airport.

Let Your Child Go Exploring

While waiting at an airport, it might be difficult to keep a youngster entertained if you don’t have any ideas. However, the Philadelphia Airport offers a unique Kids Zone where kids may get a healthy dose of interactive entertainment.  It is possible to keep younger children engaged with games and puzzles such as “City Scramble”.

Older children may read aircraft novels, study common airline terminology using the ‘Aviation Alphabet,’ and understand physics with activities such as ‘Why Planes Fly.’ You may also take your youngster to neighboring airport parks. You may easily use the Airport train Philadelphia, and when your youngster is free to explore, you can take transportation to Philadelphia International Airport to arrive on time.

Luxurious Lounging

Many of the airport’s lounges provide the best in hospitality and entertainment, so you can kick off your shoes, relax, and catch a few winks. Some are near the airport, and you may take airport shuttles in Philadelphia if you prefer a peaceful setting during your flight layover. They all provide everything you need for an airport stay, including a bar, restaurant, sleeping spaces, showers, and workstations. Some of them welcome walk-in visitors, while others need an annual or special membership to secure entrance.

Do Some Shopping

The Philly Marketplace is the name given to the airport’s dining and retail experience, so you can expect to see a lot of stores – however, none of them are especially remarkable or local. You may hire a car service to Philadelphia airport and then go shopping in the marketplace. public duty shops, grocery stores, bookstores, and travel and technology shops are all available at the nearby airport. Shop for free moisturizer and sampling at skincare stores like Kiel’s and the Body Shop, or browse well-known stores like the Gap and Victoria’s Secret.


If you have at least a 7-hour stopover, you may go out and visit this lively, ancient city Philadelphia. Taking the SEPTA Airline Route to Center City is the most convenient method to reach downtown. To see neighboring sites, simply take public transportation to Philadelphia International Airport. Many landmarks, such as the Liberty Bell and the Monument of the American Revolution, are within easy reach of Center City and record the foundation of the United States.

Explore world-class museums such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Franklin Institute, which are famous for their interactive scientific displays that are suitable for children. Visit the Reading Terminal Market for a meal with the locals. You may take the airport train Philadelphia for this purpose. Visit the Eastern State Penitentiary, a former jail that is said to be haunted, for something a little strange. Allow plenty of time to return to the airport, and you can choose limo service or car service to Philadelphia airport.

The Bottom Line

Furthermore, if you have a flying stopover and want to do something pleasant and cost-effective, you won’t have to worry about anything. Hiring a car or limo instead of traveling public transportation is a preferable option, and who better to call than Philly Car and Limo.

Philly Car and Limo is the most well-known car service business, with cheap pricing and budget-friendly packages suitable for travelers to Philadelphia who want to experience everything the city has to offer while spending their time in a flight layover.

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